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Cullen Tyrrell & O’Beirne Solicitors LLP’s reputation as a leading litigation practice is backed by a long commitment to the employment of the latest technology and software to make our operating systems as efficient as possible and thereby delivering a discernable benefit to the client.

Our Debt Collection service is different as it is underpinned by the most up to date technology and event driven applications. For you as a creditor it means that your instructions are acted upon without delay. Precedent legal documentation which reflect the latest court practice directions, are interwoven into our systems in a unique way enabling us to operate debt recovery legal processes within the earliest possible timescales permitted by the courts service.

Whether you are a one-off creditor or a business in need of assistance with the recovery of volumes of ongoing debts, our systems enable us to run your instructions with equal efficiency and attention to your requirements.

As a measure of our commitment to your priorities, you can now access your files on-line with your own password through our specialised secure access portal, enabling you to run your own updated reports as frequently as you wish, to make comments, give instructions, notify of payments made to you, request payment of debts lodged to your client account with us and generally monitor progress on your cases from the comfort of your own office and in your time.

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