Robert Lennon

Thursday, July 16th, 2015


Robert is a graduate of Griffith College Dublin, he qualified as a barrister in the Michaelmas term of 2008 and has qualified as a solicitor as of January 2021.

During his two years practicing at the Bar, he acquired substantial experience making a wide range of applications and attending to court hearings, as well as researching various areas of law, providing detailed legal opinions which have often been of great benefit to fellow Counsel, as well as possessing hands on experience negotiating agreements with other lawyers.

He spent several years working in various leading financial institutions including Bank of Ireland as a Legal Executive for many years and he was deeply involved in many projects and acquisitions over the years and has often helped improve and design processes and procedures in these areas,

As such he has an extensive knowledge of securities and insight into banking practises and procedures 

Overall, he has a wide range of knowledge and experience combining the experiences and skills obtained through these very different but often intersecting backgrounds 

He has worked on in various legal areas such as employment law, personal injury, legal research, criminal practice. planning law, probate law, drafting and various civil proceedings. He also qualified as a Mediator with the mediation forum of Ireland in 2014. 

He thus has significant experience in the both the Court room and in the office.

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